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Weight Management Solutions

Regardless of your age, gender, race, weight and medical history, it is important for all patients to manage their weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise. A healthy weight contributes to a healthy heart, and allows patients to feel good about themselves, while also reducing their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other serious conditions. Effective weight management involves following a healthy, nutritious diet and receiving adequate physical exercise.

Our doctors will work with each individual patient to develop a customized nutrition and exercise plan to help maintain a healthy, normal weight. These plans are effective yet realistic, allowing patients to eat the foods they like and engage in physical activity that they enjoy. A healthy weight is attainable without taking extreme measures, and can be reached by all of our patients with dedication and professional direction. We offer a wide array of services to help you achieve this goal and reduce your risk of serious weight-related conditions.

We offer Weight Management Solutions packages with options including oral prescription weight loss supplements like Adipex (phentermine), Vitamin B and B-complex injections, comprehensive Sex & Energy BioPhysical lab profile, Hormone analysis, and much more!